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Have you ever read a PDF version of a magazine on a tablet or worse, on your phone? The experience is usually pretty lackluster at best. Although technically that would be considered a form of digital publishing, that’s NOT what we are talking about here. 

For us, digital publishing means combining the experience of flipping through the pages of a magazine or book with the technology that a tablet provides. It’s like holding a magazine that comes alive. The pages are interactive with the user; you can swipe, you can scroll, you can watch video clips, view photo galleries, link directly to advertisements if you choose and much more. 

You may be thinking “it sounds like a website” and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. The technology is similar to a modern website utilizing current web standards. The difference is in the user experience. When you read a printed magazine or book you flip through actual pages. Digital publishing is setup the same way in that your tablet acts as the magazine and you swipe through pages just like you would with a printed version, page to page. You can skip directly to certain chapters or sections, but the actual experience is much more like holding a magazine than clicking links on a website. Another big difference from a website is that when someone reads your digital magazine or ebook, they are fully engaged in it. The average page view on a website is merely seconds, a digital magazine page is typically much different in that they are reading it because they want to read the whole thing. It’s the perfect medium for in-depth descriptions, complete background information and storytelling. 


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