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Everyone needs printed collateral to market their business. Print is a classic medium that isn’t going away anytime soon. Beautiful design, professional printing processes and elegant papers all say something about your business. Print media provides a means to communicate with your clients without you being there. It also says more than what’s printed on the page. Sometimes a brochure, an advertisement or a business card is how a potential client learns about your business. It’s a first impression that you only get once. Does your print media campaign give clients confidence in your company?

Business Cards

Every point of contact with your customers is a branding opportunity. Business cards shouldn’t be viewed as just data. If you hand someone your business card and they glance at it and put it away, it was just data and maybe they will contact you. If you hand them your card and they stop to really look at it, they feel the paper, they look at the edges…you just triggered an emotional response that they are already impressed with your company. At this point you are already closer to earning their business. Don’t let your business card be just data. The design aesthetic does matter, the paper itself does matter, the corners, the edges, the types of ink used, the coatings, the die-cuts, the printing process, etc. Every component speaks to your customers, what do you want it to say?

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Corporate Identity Kits

When you communicate with clients, potential customers, even other professionals it’s important to convey your professional image. Having your own business cards, letterhead and envelopes says a lot about your brand, especially if you offer premium products or services. When you communicate to your customers that you are their best choice for a particular product or service and you give them a quote using a blank template on a white sheet of photocopier paper, your customer is likely thinking “I think I will shop around” or “I can find a better price.” When you follow up your polished presentation with an equally impressive letter and quote on your letterhead within your own envelope containing two amazing business cards your client is immediately justifying the expense and thinking of who they can give that extra business card to. Notice the difference?

Fast Finance corporate identity print kit

Brochures, Mailers and More

By now you should realize that all of your marketing materials and printed collateral are key components of your branding strategy. Anything that needs to be printed we can design and develop around your branding and see the project through to completion. Some common print examples include flyers, brochures, postcards, advertising, labels, door hangers, menus, hang tags, posters, folders, billboards, table tents and more. The list really is endless, just look around you, if it’s printed we can handle it.

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