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In today’s digital world, your website is likely the most important component of your overall marketing and branding strategy. No other form of marketing is as comprehensive or as effective and working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It doesn’t take off weekends or holidays either. Your website should be easy to use, beautiful to look at and work on any device. We don’t do generic, we don’t simply drop your logo into a template that’s already been generalized for the masses. We approach your online presence as a whole to fit seamlessly within your branding strategy. We design around your needs to fit your image and your industry. Because we view your website as such a critical component of your brand, we put every effort into every detail of every page. You simply can’t achieve this with a generic site.

Why use aglOseL?

Mobile-First, Responsive Design
Your website should work on every device, especially tablets and smartphones, at any size. With 60% of web users on mobile devices* you simply can’t afford to ignore those customers. Some people don’t even use a desktop computer anymore. Should your marketing ignore them? Of course not. We use modern web standards that are viewable on all size devices regardless of the operating system.
  • Mobile Users 60% 60%
  • Desktop Users 40% 40%

*Mobile usage statistic retrieved from

iPhone showing magnified contact info

Touch Enabled

We make phone numbers, email addresses and other contact info touch enabled so the end user doesn’t need to write down the information and then dial your number or send you an email. We know how inconvenient it can be to try and call a business from their site using your phone web browser and the phone number isn’t touch enabled.

iPhone showing magnified contact info

Responsive Design

We build all of our sites to be responsive so that no matter what device your customers use, they will be able to clearly view every page of your website. Images resize, sections reorganize positioning and text adjusts to the phone, tablet or computer monitor being used.

iPhone showing magnified contact info

Mobile Menus

Our mobile sites feature mobile-specific dropdown menus. Your site navigation isn’t lost on a small screen and doesn’t take up too much space on small screen sizes. The dropdown menu only appears when you tap the menu icon.

Custom Branding
Your website should be an extension of all your marketing materials, including printed collateral and social media. Every contact point a customer has with your brand should be unmistakably you. If a potential client is interested in utilizing your product or service after you give them your business card they will usually go to your website for more information. When they view your site the branding should match your card and the rest of your business. The colors and style should match, the imagery should be relevant to your business, every detail should match your brand. For example, when you look closer at the aglOseL website, the colors we use are blue, green, black, grey and white. Not just any blue, green, etc. We use a specific blue, a specific green, five shades of black/grey and of course a specific white. You won’t find a generic link, accent or hover color on the site. Pixel perfect detail is what your site deserves. You simply will not get the attention to detail your business deserves from a template website company that is focused on quantity over quality.
aglOseL print and web branding
Want to sell products all day every day? We can setup your online shopping cart with an unlimited number of products, even digital downloads if you don’t sell physical products. Selling products to your customers directly from your website is the Holy Grail for many business owners. Although we setup the base structure and will include as many products as you want listed, you will have access to add or remove whatever you want yourself.
responsive shop page on 3 screens
Social Media Integration
Our web design process integrates your social media strategy and provides quick and easy opportunities for your customers to share your content on their own social media networks. Additionally, we provide social following links for customers to easily follow your social media content.
social sharing buttons magnified

Social Sharing

Social media network sharing icons are included on every page so your website visitors can share pages on their own social networks. Our page shows this on the left edge of the browser window. However, there are several location options. If you provide quality products, services or content your customers will help spread the word for you and this make it easy for them to share. This function is a key component of acquiring new visitors.


all social share buttons

More Networks

We show the few most common social media network links (of your choice) on each page. However, if your users use other social media networks they can click the grey button to expand the social network window to view more networks. They can share your content on whatever social media network they prefer to use. They can also minimize the menu on mouseover if they don’t want to see the social sharing icons.

social follow buttons

Social Following

Of course, we also use social media follow buttons as well so viewers can choose to follow your social media networks right from your site. We insert your social media links in both the header and footer of each page. Additionally, the blog pages have their own Follow Us section as shown here. All of the social media following icons will bring your customers directly to your own social media pages.

mobile social sharing

Mobile Social Networking

Not only are our websites responsive to accommodate all devices, we include as many features as technology allows for mobile devices as well. All of the same social media networking functions are included on your mobile site as well. The bottom of each screen has a translucent Share This button. When you tap the Share This it will expand to show the same few common social networks.

mobile social sharing all

More Social Networks

Just like on desktop computers, if you tap the grey button it will expand to all other available social media networks. You users can share your content on any social network they prefer to use. If they want to minimize the social sharing button entirely they just tap the “x” and it will minimize into the bottom, left corner of the screen, neatly tucked out of the way.

Capture Technologies
The successful salesman asks for the business. Of course we include complete contact info with Google mapping and contact forms for potential customers to reach you, but we don’t stop there. We place specific Call to Action functionality wherever it makes sense throughout your website. We also incorporate other useful features such as newsletter sign-ups and email opt-ins to encourage your customers to stay informed of your latest content. When customers opt-in they are automatically added to a list that you can market your latest news, product or service. We can also work with you on creating email campaigns to your list of subscribers.
contact us capture page on iPad

Custom Forms

Contact Us pages and custom forms can be as simple or complex as you need and can be customized for any page on your site. There is a Captcha field with random, simple (+/-) math problem to avoid having computers fill your inbox with false leads. Whenever someone submits a form you receive an email with their message and contact information.

subscribe and custom form capture pages


In addition to custom forms such as Contact pages, we also utilize subscriptions to generate leads. When your customers subscribe their name and requested information is added to specific marketing lists that can be used for email marketing campaigns or other direct marketing efforts. It’s just another way to actively stay in touch with your customers.

Blogging Platform
If you want your customers to follow your business you need to give them something to follow. What’s new in your market? What’s the latest trend? What’s your latest product? What are you selling on clearance? What sort of information can you share with the do-it-yourself customers? The more you reach out to people with good information, the more they will turn to you when they need your product or service. Additionally, blogging industry-relevant information helps your search ranking (SEO). Marketing never ends until you decide to stop doing business. A lack of marketing will help make that decision for you.
3 iPads showing blog screens
Media Galleries, Slide Shows & Video

We can include just about any kind of file type within your site. We don’t limit you to still images and text. You can have complete galleries, various slide shows, even video and audio. Want a parallax background effect? Want a video background? We can do it. We want your site to stand out from the crowd and we offer the coolest features to get you noticed and remembered.

Gallery Sliders
Beautiful sliders that transition through all of your images. You can click images to expand.

Gallery Grids
Grid layout galleries that you can click to expand. Each image can have a title and caption. Note custom hover color and icon to match the company red and white branding.

We can embed video directly into your site or link to popular sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Full-Width Sliders

Because sometimes, you just need the whole screen!

Text Overlays

Include titles, captions and buttons too!

Seeing positive reviews from real customers helps put potential customers at ease and builds confidence and trust in your business. It’s really the next best thing to word of mouth advertising. Our testimonials include a custom link to the client’s website or social network to further solidify the testimonial.
“I am a business owner and I needed to increase my visibility and marketing throughout southwest Ohio. I met with Mr. Moscariello to assist me and develop a better website for my business. Within two weeks, Mr. Moscariello developed a new website, met with me on several occasions to work on enhancements, then finalized the site to my exact needs. I highly recommend Mr. Moscariello as he provided me what I wanted in a website in a prompt and professional manner.” Scott Oxley

Attorney, Scott G. Oxley, Co., LPA

Coming Soon Landing Page

While your site is still in development we setup a simple Coming Soon landing page that the general public will see if they happen upon your domain. We include your company logo, a simple content slider, a Facebook link, a Twitter link, an RSS news feed link, a website progress bar, a countdown to launch and an email capture function that allows visitors the opportunity to add their email address to be notified when your website is up. Pretty cool for a landing page while your site is being built in the background. 

The really cool part is that we will provide you with admin access so that when you login you can view the website development progress in real time on your own devices from anywhere.

Coming Soon page for public view


When the public views your website while it is still being developed they will see this landing page. We include your logo, a countdown to expected completion, a status bar, your choice of message(s), social media links and a way for viewers to be updated when your site is ready for public viewing.

admin user view of home page


Note the black bar at the top of the screen, that will only show when logged in. As a website customer, you will have login credentials to view your site in real time as it’s being constructed while it’s hidden from public view. This way, you can approve changes prior to our next meeting.

Multilingual Capabilities

If English isn’t your only language and you would like your site to be viewed in multiple languages we offer up to 32 language translations including RTL support for languages like Japanese that read right to left.





*We only speak English, we only work on multilingual sites if the customer speaks English and the additional languages.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
While SEO can be a full time job in and of itself, we build your site with SEO in mind from the very beginning. Carefully utilizing keywords, including alternate text descriptions to images, link building, etc. all does take extra time and effort but makes a big difference in the long run when unknown, potential customers want to spend money in your industry. Are they going to find you or your competitors first?
Ana-what? Actually, it’s not nearly as unknown as it used to be just a few years ago. Anyway, Analytics is the behind-the-scenes details about your site visitors. Analytics are the statistics of who is visiting your website, how often, when, etc. I know…statistics…very exciting. Think of it like this though, you want to know what is working and what isn’t. Raw analytics data tells you that information. Knowing what works justifies what’s worth investing time, money and/or effort into it. Without analytics data you are just gambling with your resources. We offer options to fit your budget.
Google Analytics Dashboard example

Everyone knows that your shopping cart transactions need to be secure and we use the latest SSL technologies to keep your transactions safe. Not a large company or don’t have a merchant account? That’s not a problem, you can still offer your customers secure transactions utilizing PayPal with secure online payment gateways. 

In addition to shopping cart security, our site design platform itself has been awarded the Securi Safe Theme Seal stating that “No significant issues were identified during the vulnerability assessment. No issues were identified in the code audit.”

We include even more standard security features for all of our website customers such as a firewall, protection from brute force attacks, spam protection, custom login features focused on security, etc. Overall, this means that your website security is already at a very high standard and this comes as a standard feature.

This image shows failed logins to our own website. Our standard security features stopped them.

failed login attempts
Not only did our standard security features stop the hackers from trying to gain access to the admin side of our site, the system also immediately emailed me an alert of the failed login attempts. Our standard security features captured the hacker IP addresses which allows us to then blacklist the IP range, preventing further login attempts from that IP address. You can tell from the times of the failed logins that three login attempts were likely a computer because of the close proximity of attempts and the other was likely an individual person.
Hosting & Backups

We host all of our websites in a secure cloud environment. Every domain is assigned a unique IP address. You are provided with a monthly usage snapshot for your domain. You are only billed for bandwidth that is used plus a minimal maintenance fee. We backup every site we host periodically, we offer additional backup services for every need and budget.

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